Individualism Lived Out Through Customised Vellies

Shoes have the ability to allow you to express yourself in a way you never thought possible. There is something special about getting a pair of shoes that not only are practical for everyday use but are customized to show the world who you really are. This is why we here at Vellies Ville allow you to customize your pair of vellies just how you want them.

Our mission is to combine a mainstream sense of fashion with old school culture, all while focussing on the individual wearing the vellies. With our product, we want you to find yourself. We want you to grasp a sense of individualism by customizing a shoe and wearing it until it is completely worn down. After all, we prefer vellies after they have gotten some wear in them. Not only does this show the miles you have walked, but it also adds character that can only come over time.

When you choose to wear our vellies, know you are supporting a company that cares about you as an individual. Vellies Ville was founded because we were fed up with mass production. Vellies are such customizable shoes, but most places limit the designs and colors for you to choose from. We know customers and customize go hand-in-hand. This is why we created Vellies Ville. To allow customers to customize their vellies as much as possible.

With every type of shoe we make comes a meaning behind them. Every product is inspired by real people living in the world around us. Culture is always at the forefront of our mind when we create vellies. Most importantly, we want our inspiration to come from you, the most important aspect of our vellies.

Go ahead and take the plunge with our vellies. Choose the color that creates the most joy within yourself. If boots are your spirit animal, choose one of our stunning, customizable boots. No matter what, choose the shoe that fits you. Always be yourself and show your personality from head to toe. Our shoes can help you choose the path of being yourself and we want you to know just how important you are. When you put on a pair of our vellies, you’ll look amazing while also being yourself.